We LOVE our website hosting company! In full disclosure, we used to use Bluehost but after a series of questionable events with them, and the recommendation of Big Scoots by multiple people in one day, we switched. WE WISH WE SWITCHED SOONER! We can't say enough about how wonderful Big Scoots hosting has been. Their customer service is INCREDIBLE and their speed is lightning fast (if that's a thing)!

If you're skeptical to switch, click the link below and get in touch with their team via their chat feature. They'll answer all your questions to make your decisions even easier for you, like they did for us.

Don't be overwhelmed by migrating your sites either – we had two HUGE sites to switch over to Big Scoots when we reached out during summer 2020 and they migrated them both, seamlessly, in the course of four hours, then apologized that it took so long! What?!?! That was SO FAST to us! We've never looked back.

We have a growing Etsy shop where we offer our fellow travel bloggers resources for things like Campaign Reports and printable checklists for what to do after you publish a blog-post. Everything cost less than $2 per page and saves you hours of time.