Look Behind the Scenes Into our favorite Blogger Tools

Blogging, freelance writing, or creating content…we cannot do our jobs without the tools — digital and tangible — listed here.

Check out the items below and feel free to message us to ask questions too! Email is our preferred contact method for those purposes.

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We created this page distinctly for other bloggers and Content Creators because we want everyone to have the tools they need to do their job to the best of their ability. We've been blogging since 2008 and have been travel writers and Content Creators since 2015. We've tried many programs, plugins, website templates, and more through the years. The resources listed here are all items we've tested, use, and stick with. We have not listed anything that we don't fully endorse ourselves.

Clutch Charger for Your Cell Phone

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Our favorite phone charger when we travel is the Clutch Charger. It is small in size and lightweight (just 3.7 oz), available for an iPhone or Android, and comes in multiple colors. It's small enough to fit in your pocket or a wallet.

It's essential that we travel with it because we're constantly taking notes for our content on our phones and using the phone to get videos. We cannot let our cell phones die, so we always have Clutch chargers on us!

Website Design & Hosting

Website Design

Over the years we've had custom website designs and have used templates. The best WordPress template that we have ever used, hands down, is Kadence. We picked it over Mediavine's Trellis for several reasons and we are so glad we did. Restored 316 website templates are what we used and customized to fit our needs. The templates are the best and user-friendly once you get the hang of customizing them and get used to Kadence.

Additionally, Restored 316 has a wonderful and active Facebook group of user that helps out if you have questions. What's more is their small but mighty support team is happy to help when you need it.

Website Hosting

We LOVE our website hosting company! We used to use Bluehost, but after a series of questionable events with them and the recommendation of Big Scoots by multiple people in one day, we switched. That was years ago and Big Scoots remains wonderful in customer service and hosting. WE WISH WE SWITCHED SOONER! We can't say enough about how wonderful Big Scoots hosting has been. Their customer service is INCREDIBLE, and their speed is lightning-fast (if that's a thing)!

If you're skeptical about switching, simply get in touch with their team via their chat option. They'll answer all your questions to make your decisions even easier for you, as they did for us.

Don't be overwhelmed by migrating your sites either – we had two HUGE sites to switch over to Big Scoots when we reached out during summer 2020 and they migrated them both seamlessly in the course of four hours, then apologized that it took so long! What?!?! That was SO FAST to us! We've never looked back.

Canva for Graphics Creation

We both know how to use Photoshop. But Canva makes it so easy and fast to design things like Pinterest graphics that it's what we use to make the two graphics that we put at the end of every post and embed for people to use if they hit “Pin It” or “Save to Pinterest” on posts.

Canva is such a low cost for its annual subscription for the amount of time it saves you and how much the program can do that it's a no-brainer.


We've gone through what feels like countless classes and trainings over the years. The two we want to mention are ones that we really love because we love the instructors and have learned so much from their content.

The Best Email Marketing Resources

Kate Doster's Email Courses are the leading education for bloggers who want to grow their email list and build a faithful newsletter audience. Her fun personality and blunt style of teaching immediately resonated with us. She gets to the point, which we like, and packs so much valuable information into everything she offers. Freebies and paid courses and templates included.

If you need to jumpstart your emails, create a Welcome Series, learn how to grow your list, or need ideas on what to email your subscribers, Kate's Love Your List series and Email Marketing Fairy templates are for you. We've gone through the course and have her fantastic templates.

Increase Your Revenue and Traffic

We had been travel bloggers for years before Scale Your Travel Blog course came across our radar. We specifically signed up to increase our traffic and drive more revenue from our websites. Laura and Mike are travel bloggers who designed the course to help other small-business bloggers. Though the name implies “travel” it's really for any blogger who wants to up their game and make blogging a more viable career.

They have a great private Facebook community too if you're enrolled in the course. The other bloggers there are so encouraging and helpful across a variety of niches, from travel to food bloggers, faith-based bloggers, homeschool bloggers and more.

Photography must-haves

Mikkel has been a professional photographer for more than 15 years. The one thing she cannot do without besides her camera gear is Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop for photo editing. It's an incredible program that takes photography to the next level.

The best Adobe Cloud membership for photographers is the option that gives you access to both programs for a low price.