The amount of luggage options out there is overwhelming. But once we found our CabinZero travel luggage it was love at first sight.  Our CabinZero 42L ADV backpacks review includes all the reasons we knew it was a true match.


ADV 42L: ~$131.00 ADV Pro 42L: ~$167.00 There's also an “ADV Dry” waterproof backpack. The design is totally different as is the purpose so we've left that bag out of our CabinZero backpack review.


Truly there are few cons. The more we use the bags the more we love them and all there is to appreciate about them. And there are many more pros than the few cons that have come to mind throughout months of use.

CabinZero Backpack Reviews: Pros

We've realized a few things as owners of Cabin Zero backpacks for months now.  Here are the pros we appreciate about our carry-on backpacks. (Note if it's a feature only available on the ADV versus ADV Pro, we've indicated so.) ➜

The soft yet quality material (as opposed to a hard case) is a dream

You don’t think about how much space the suitcase in itself takes up until you have a soft backpack, like the Cabin Zero ADV Pro.  It fits into tighter spaces than your old luggage, like into a packed car trunk and overhead compartment on smaller airplanes. The soft material helps the backpack fit anywhere.

They save room in our cars

We often need to pack our car full of camera gear and who knows what other crap for road trips! It all takes up most of the space in our trunk.  But our CabinZero backpacks are small and help us conserve space for bigger items (like camera gear) we may need during our travels.

Each backpack has two handles: one on the side and one up top

This is great when you tuck those backpack straps away and simply want to carry it in your hand.  We use the top handle when it’s lighter and we're resting it on the floor for a minute, vertically.

They Fit in Overhead Compartments on Airplanes

You can easily check out which bags fit on which airplanes for Cabin Zero products before you buy too. The company was founded, in part, to create carry-on only luggage.

Cabin Zero Backpack Reviews: Cons

Not every piece of luggage or backpack is perfect. We're realistic and honest about it.  Here are some areas for improvement when thinking about our CabinZero backpacks.

Shoulder Straps: Maybe Only One Sometimes

I wish the backpack straps would function a little better with only one shoulder strap once in a while. Our workaround: simply partially open the compartment zipper revealing one of the two straps.

You Can't Hide the Lower Strap When the Backpack Straps are Out

The belly strap (the one that horizontally clips around your stomach) is a little bit of a nuisance sometimes.  There’s not a way to tuck only these back into the compartment that zips when you fully expose the stowaway straps. We tuck them under our backs as best we can and hardly notice it.

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