We don't always feel the need to go into one of the four theme parks when we're in Orlando.  We love Disney, but there are so many other things to do at Disney World besides the parks that satisfy our Disney World fix!

1. Ride the Skyliner

Disney's Skyliner is a blast. It gives you a bird's eye view of areas of the park you're normally only eye-level with.  You can pick it up from the Boardwalk area (technically, it's near Epcot's World Showcase entrance, which is accessible from the pedestrian area just off the Boardwalk).

2. Rent a Surrey Bike

We got such a kick out of seeing families cycle past us on these bicycles built for two, four, or six people in two rows.  You can rent them at various places around Disney World, including Disney's BoardWalk.

3. Get a Spa Treatment

Did you now Disney World has several options for incredible spas?  Disney resorts like the Swan and Dolphin hotels and Saratoga Springs have spas where you can get a massage or facial, for example.

4. Play Boardwalk Games

A few Boardwalk games are open in the evening on Disney's BoardWalk. (We've seen them open in the afternoon sometimes too.)  They are exactly what you might imagine or have seen at a state fair or the boardwalk at Atlantic City Boardwalk.

5. Sing Along at Jellyrolls

We always have a BLAST singing along to popular tunes as we sip beer, eat popcorn, and spend hours at Jellyrolls.  This dueling piano bar is 21 and over, and not to be missed if you’re of age and looking for an incredibly fun evening idea for adults.

6. But a Move at Atlantic Dance Hall

If you love to dance and go out at night after the sun has set on a gorgeous Orlando day, there’s a dance hall just next to Jellyrolls.  It’s 21 and over and there is usually no cover charge to enjoy it.

7. See Cirque du Soleil at Disney Springs

One of the most amazing shows at Disney World is at Disney Springs, not in the parks!  Cirque du Soleil's Drawn to Life show showcases various Disney animation tales incorporated with music and acrobatics that will knock your socks off!

8. Shop 'Til You Drop

There are dozens of fun shops at Disney Springs.  Check out places like the World of Disney store, Uniqlo, Volcom, Pandora and more.

9. Rent a Pontoon Boat

There are several places on the property where you can rent motorized boats.  It's likely if there's a marina at the resort, they have boat rentals.  One of our favorite boats to rent is a pontoon boat, because Orlando boat tours are a highlight in the Sunshine State!

10. Take a Fireworks Cruise

If you want to spring for something truly memorable, consider a specialty cruise.  For example, you can reserve a boat for a special  fireworks cruise.

11. Rent a Kayak at Disney World

This man-powered boat is a favorite activity wherever we travel.  Fort Wilderness has kayaks available to rent from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, for less than $15 per hour. They also have canoes.


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