“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

– Saint Augustine

Sometimes Home is an approachable travel blog for wanderlusting couples who have a mid-size to luxury budget who are also keeping a home while they travel.

Mikkel, a professional photographer and owner of Mikkel Paige Photography, started a dedicated website when her desire to travel more seriously continued to grow along with her passion of sharing helpful information along the way.

Though she’s generally the front-woman of Sometimes Home, we couldn’t run this business and website without Dan’s magic behind the scenes.

He’s a Brand Strategist and artist by trade He is also our resident expert on art history, beer, BBQ, marketing and, of course, branding.

Together they have worked to develop an invaluable travel resource and share their favorite things with you that help them function at home and while away, traveling. This is the place to go be if you are looking for great tips for traveling but also information for how to have a better home so traveling is a cinch.

Europe and Asia are their favorite continents to explore, as a thirty-to-forty-something couple who calls the United States east coast their home. (Particularly New York, North Carolina and South Florida.)

They’re always looking for their next adventure; while they like adding more stamps to their passport they love exploring the United States as well. They share their experiences through their camera lens and intriguing musings as they traverse the globe as a couple.

This blog is for traveling couples who…

Don’t want to feel like tourists when visiting new locations but know they’re not native.

Those who don’t desire to “sell it all” and travel full time but like to be on the road…OFTEN.

This website is for those who appreciate the finer things and details in life.

They’re sometimes away…and they are


Sometimes Home writers Mikkel and Dan.

They have traveled to:


For an extensive list of locations they have been to please visit the Travels page. Click here if you’re interested in working with them.