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    Sometimes Home grew out a deep passion for exploring the world and wanting to share it with you.

    We are Dan and Mikkel Woodruff (nice to meet you!), and our goal is to help couples seeking inspiration for their next trip, or sound travel advice, to get motivated to book their next adventure.

    We, like you, have a home base and travel multiple times a year. (Well, during a normal non-COVID year, that is.)

    We write about travel in the United States and internationally as adults, only, on a mid-size to luxury budget. We also provide photography tips to make those vacation memories last forever and advice for keeping your home in order while traveling.


    Things to Do in the Outer Banks in October (and What It’s like in the Shoulder Season)

    We love traveling to places during the shoulder season – you get great weather and…

    The Best Seafood Restaurants in the Outer Banks

    Actually Fun Outer Banks Indoor Activities (if it Rains, is Cold or Windy)

    Outer Banks Distilling Adults-Only Enjoyment in NC


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