Review and FAQs for the Best Washable Weighted Blanket: Nodpod BODY

There are so many reasons we know that the best weighted washable blanket out there is the body-contouring Nodpod BODY blanket.

There's nothing like a weighted product to make you feel like a warm hug is embracing you all night! And Nodpod products are perfect for that, especially their body blanket. It provides a slew of great benefits with its great features.

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Woman holding a small black weighted blanket for a review of the nodpod Body.

Benefits of Using a Weighted Blanket

You may be in your research stage of getting a weighted blanket, wondering what the benefits of having one are. The #1 benefit we love about the blanket is that it calms any anxiety and stress thanks to its soothing weight.

Weighted blankets calm anxiety and lessen stress

We're not scientists or doctors so we won't pretend to provide any guidance on whether or not a weighted blanket can help with joint aches, or backaches, and the like. However, we know what a constant hug feels like! And hugs are great.

As reviewers of the best washable weighted blanket, we can confidently say that this Nodpod BODY weighted blanket calms anxiety with its concentrated weight, which is effectively spread across the blanket due to its great design.

The blanket's weight, like the Nodpod sleep mask, is awesome for aiding in sleep. Dan falls asleep immediately, but it takes me such a long time to fall asleep (over an hour sometimes, even if I am exhausted), and this Nodpod BODY blanket and the Nodpod eye mask have definitely helped me fall asleep faster.

nodpod washable weighted blanket packaging in blank and white, on a grey couch with a black weighted blanket & throw pillow.

Can you Sleep with a Weighted Blanket?

Yes! It's not just great for snuggling on a couch while watching TV. But the Nodpod BODY washable and weighted blanket is safe for sleeping through the night.

It's best for adults and grown children who can maneuver and move the blanket themselves. It is not recommended for small toddlers and infants who cannot move the weighted blanket.

Nodpod BODY is the Best Weighted Blanket for Hot Sleepers or Cold Sleepers

If you are a hot sleeper, this is THE BLANKET for you because you can put it in the freezer and enjoy some cold time with the weighted blanket. The microbeads inside the blanket hold the cold temperature and the blanket's material stays flexible out of the freezer.

But you can also use it at room temperature (which is what we do) if you are a cold sleeper that needs extra layers to stay warm.

There are also two sides of the blanket, just like the Nodpod weighted sleep mask:

  1. One side is a jersey cotton fabric, which keeps you cooler.
  2. The other side is a warm microfiber that warms you up.

The way the fabrics work to be hot or cold is simply by allowing air to pass through their fibers. To enjoy the warmer or cooler side, all you do is flip which side of the blanket is touching (or facing) your body.

Image of nodpod products: blacked weighted blanket and grey sleep mask, on blue and white pillow.s

Size and Weight of the Nodpod BODY Weighted Blanket

The Nodpod BODY washable and weighted blanket is 6.5 pounds. It measures 29 inches, by 24 inches (that's over two feet on one side and exactly two feet on the other).

Of course, most people are larger than the blanket size. So how does that work? Well, a few things come to mind to note about its size (the size was surprising to us when we received ours, but upon further thought, it made sense):

  1. You don't want the blanket to be as big as a throw blanket because it would be SO HEAVY you wouldn't carry it from one room to another.
  2. The size is quite nice once you start to use it. Adults can use it either to cover your chest area, your shoulders (like a cape), or your torso and top of your legs. You don't need it to cover much more than that to enjoy the weighted “hug-like” anti-anxiety properties it seems to magically posess. If you want to cover more of your body for warmth, simply throw a blanket on your body and then strategically place the Nodpod BODY on top of that.

If you have purchased the Nodpod weighted eyemask and know what the cylindrical packaging looks like, the Nodpod BODY packaging is about three to four times that size. It's as if they blew up the Nodpod eyemask packaging and voila – there's the BODY packaging! Which we loved seeing.

Woman holding up a small black weighted blanket for a review of the nodpod Body.

Can you Travel with the Nodpod BODY Weighted Sleep Blanket?

The blanket is 6.5 pounds. It's not that you can't travel with it, but we feel it's a tad heavy to bring on an airplane. That being said, if you have severe anxiety issues when you travel, it's not too heavy that you can't bring it on an airplane. You absolutely can, and we recommend it if it helps calm the anxiety and stress that may go hand-in-hand with air travel for you.

If you're taking a road trip it's completely small and portable enough to go in a car. In this case, you don't even have to pay attention to weight because you're not carrying it through an airport in a carry-on bag or having to stay within the confines of a certain weight of checked luggage with airline regulations.

Imagine two 3-pound bags of potatoes plus a little weight. That's the weight of the blanket. And it's supposed to have weight because it's a weighted blanket!

While we won't be packing it in our travel backpacks for plane travel for ourselves, we will definitely always pack our Nodpod weighted sleep masks and will consider traveling with the weighted Nodpod BODY blanket for road trips.

Is the Nodpod BODY Weighted Blanket Washable?

YES! Just like the Nodpod weighted eye mask, the Nodpod BODY is washable.

But not only is it washer safe but it's dryer safe too. (The Nodpod weighted eye mask has different microbeads inside so though that product is technically dryer safe, it isn't recommended. However, you can use the dryer to dry the Nodpod BODY weighted blanket.)

What is the Nodpod BODY Weighted Blanket filled with?

The glass microbeads inside the Nodpod BODY blanket are the best for a few reasons:

  1. It allows the Nodpod BODY blanket to be washable and dryer-safe.
  2. The teeny-tiny micro glass beads inside the blanket are sanitary because they're washable. (Conversely, other brands that make weighted blankets with organic filler are not washable, which means they can grow mold over time.)
  3. The microbeads allow you to freeze the blanket if you want a cool sensation while also allowing it to retain its flexibility.

What other Products does Nodpod Make?

Nodpod's second product on the market is the Nodpod BODY, their weighted blanket. It was developed and created after the wild success of their weighted eye mask, which is a blackout mask that's great for sleeping during daylight hours, on a plane, train, in a car if you're a passenger (duh!), and more.

The Nodpod eye masks have been featured in Oprah Magazine, Buzzfeed, and Us Magazine. And our website, of course!

It is SUCH AN AMAZING PRODUCT, which is partially why we knew their second product on the market would be equally incredible. (We're obsessed with our Nodpod weighted eyemasks and now we're in love with this blanket too.)

Woman sleeping with a small black weighted blanket on her legs and grey eye mask on her face for a review of nodpod products.

Where to Store your Nodpod Weighted Blanket

Personally, we're storing this puppy on the back of our couch. That way, we can use it when we watch TV or take a daytime nap (which is rare but does happen).

If you prefer to fold it and put it away, it folds up to a really small size, allowing you to store it easily in a drawer. If your bedside nightstand has a drawer or compartment, you can even store it on a side table. You can store it in a backpack or luggage, too. It's possible to store it anywhere, really!

This is when the compact size of the Nodpod BODY blanket comes in handy. Can you imagine storing a huge, 15 to 20-pound weighted blanket somewhere at home? Nope.

Cost of the Nodpod Best Washable Weighted Blanket

The investment for this blanket is just $88. It's about 10 times the size of a Nodpod weighted eye mask, which is $34 each.

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