Leading All-Inclusive Resort in Alaska for couples: Sitka’s Twin Islands Retreat

If you and your partner are heading to Alaska, treat yourself to the leading all-inclusive resort in Alaska for couples. Twin Islands Retreat in Sitka is built for romance! It's the escape you’ve been looking for to relax and rejuvenate, just the two of you. 

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View of the water and mountains and evergreen trees in Sitka, with the best all-inclusive couples resort in the distance.
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Alaska's leading all-inclusive resort for couples: Sitka's Twin Islands Retreat, with a photo of the picturesque resort.

Overview of the Leading Alaska All-Inclusive Resort for Couples: Twin Islands Retreat, in Sitka

A small island just a short boat ride from downtown Sitka is an oasis amidst the Pacific Ocean rocks and evergreens. Twin Islands Retreat (TIR) is a modern getaway filled with beauty at every turn and plenty of amenities. 

Merri and Larry, the co-owners of this all-inclusive couples resort in Alaska, will wait on you hand and foot — but will also let you be for alone time. From picture-perfect meals to boat rides to and from town, you will want for nothing when you're a guest here.

If you want to up your investment during your ideal Alaskan getaway, take advantage of the whale-watching and fishing trips that Merri and Larry can organize. Or, simply enjoy the resort, complete with a movie room, sauna, and complimentary kayaks, amongst other included amenities. The best end to a day in Alaska is retreating to your fabulous waterfront room or the TIR jacuzzi to decompress. 

We promise you this: after just a few hours at this all-inclusive couples resort, it will quickly become apparent that you won’t want to leave. 

All-Inclusive Resort in Alaska

What Twin Islands Retreat All-Inclusive Resort Includes 

It truly includes everything you need. To begin your vacation, airport pickup and transportation to/from mainland Sitka are included; it’s a 5-10 minute boat ride from the island to the mainland.

Your stay also includes meals, a daily happy hour that includes beer and wine, and use of the dry sauna, jacuzzi, fitness center, and movie room.

If you want to paddle out on the water, they have single or double kayaks for guest use, along with Xtratuf® rubber boots, rain jackets, and life vests. Lastly, if you need to do some laundry when you're there, they are happy to assist by making their top-of-the-line washers and dryers available to you. (We know because we used them!)

Don't worry about bringing toiletries with you because top-quality shampoo, conditioner, and soap are provided by TIR. A hairdryer, slippers, and bathrobe are also supplied. Each nightstand is complete with filtered water and eye masks in case you need to block out Alaska's peak summer midnight sun.

Couple on a seat enjoying wine together at an all-inclusive couples resort in Alaska.

What is Not Included 

If you only book this resort, you’ll be all set for a fantastic stay in Sitka. It doesn’t include excursions, though, if you're interested in venturing out to explore Sitka beyond the resort.

Regardless, Merri — who had a career in concierge services for many years — knows all the right people in the area so she can assist you with booking whatever excursions you desire. 

Although liquor is not included in your stay, you can bring your own alcohol to the resort. Merri will set it up for you to enjoy during your visit and is wonderful at helping craft delicious cocktails.

Romantic Things for Couples to Do at Twin Islands Retreat in Sitka, Alaska 

There are so many wonderful and cozy things to do as a couple visiting Twin Islands Retreat. If you're honeymooning in Alaska, doing a no-kids vacation, a babymoon, or testing out the waters traveling together during a new serious relationship, here are a few romantic things to do at TIR…

❤︎ Snuggle Up by the Outdoor Fireplace

Couple looking out to the ocean from a dock in the distance with mountains and evergreen in Sitka, at an all-inclusive Alaska resort.

The outdoor fireplace is located in the area you first see as you arrive. Naturally, it was the first area we laid eyes on, and we thought, “We can’t wait to enjoy this space!” The fireplace overlooks the island’s dock and the beautiful surrounding water and mountains. 

The icing on the cake is enjoying a morning cup of coffee or tea together in that spot or a glass of wine there during sunset. 

❤︎ Watch a Movie Together 

The movie room has all the candy and popcorn you could want. We loved the huge jar of Jelly Belly beans, the bags of Whoppers and Skittles, the licorice, and the popcorn machine. There were also some savory items for us, like peanut butter-filled pretzels, nut mix, and more. 

There are small classic red and white popcorn containers for you to fill and take to your movie seat if you like. 

❤︎ Workout Together

If you’re the type of couple that enjoys a workout, you will love spending time at the TIR fitness center. Do some yoga together or get a weights workout in. 

Be sure to admire the art on the wall while doing reps; we loved that the space is decorated with vintage photos of famous actors and actresses exercising!

❤︎ Spend Time in the Sauna 

Twin Islands Retreat has the perfect-sized luxury dry sauna that's included for all guests. The benefits of time spent in a sauna are plentiful, including increased blood circulation, skin rejuvenation, and stress management.

Spend some time here together while you enjoy all the spa-like perks of staying at this all-inclusive resort in Alaska.

❤︎ Relax in the Jacuzzi

A couple in grey bathrobes standing on a deck during desk with evergreen trees behind them in Sitka, Alaska.
Dan and Mikkel are ready to relax in the TIR jacuzzi

I love a hot tub! And Dan's always willing to join me to relax in the warm water, especially if it's in an incredible environment like the one at Twin Islands Retreat.

Wear your bathing suits and TIR robes to walk from your room to the hot tub, then relax as the warm water and cool air provide refreshment.

❤︎ Enjoy a Couple’s Massage 

This activity needs to be booked in advance and is based on availability, though it’s a very special thing to do at TIR. It is not included in the all-inclusive cost, but it's a romantic thing to do there nonetheless.

You can even make a spa day of it as you hop from the massage table to the sauna and then over to the jacuzzi.

❤︎ Have Fireside Drinks

One of our favorite spaces at TIR is a cozy indoor sitting room. Chocolate brown and tan colors decorate the room, adding to its warmth. Every ounce of the space is inviting, with leather couches complete with comfy throw pillows. The Norwegian word “hygge” comes to mind when we think about being there. (Warning that this room has taxidermied animals in it. But if you are okay with such decorations, it's very cozy.)

A room decorated with brown couches and taxidermied animals with a fireplace in the distance at Twin Islands Retreat in Sitka, AK.

All you have to do to get a fire going in the room is ask Merri and Larry to start one! Then, you can enjoy some happy hour wine, beer, or drinks created with any bring-your-own-alcohol.

Merri is wonderful at creating inventive cocktails. And even better if you can try something made with local ingredients, like something with Alaskan spruce tips or the berries at the resort.

❤︎ Enjoy Happy Hour at Twin Islands Retreat

One of our favorite memories at TIR was Merri welcoming us back to the resort with a beautiful charcuterie board and two glasses of wine. She truly is the hosting queen!

Every day they have happy hour from 5:00 to 7:00 pm, which includes beer and wine. We enjoyed a charcuterie board that Merri put together for use one late afternoon when we returned from an excursion with Sitka's Bumble Expeditions. It was the perfect pre-dinner snack after a day exploring the Alaskan wilderness.

Sharing a charcuterie board is one of our favorite date ideas at home, so we naturally gravitate towards this romantic thing to do together wherever we travel.

❤︎ Sleep In or Go to Bed Early

Ocean view from Twin Islands Retreat in Sitka, Alaska with islands and evergreens dotting the landscape.

The photo above was the view from our bedroom at this incredible all-inclusive couples resort in Alaska. Can you believe it?

Your room is a destination in itself at Twin Islands Retreat. It's likely you're visiting Alaska for vacation, and what's more indulgent than waking up late or going to bed early for a break from your day-to-day schedule at home?

❤︎ Go Kayaking or Paddleboarding Together

You will need to travel between the mainland of Sitka and TIR on a motorized boat. But large vessels aside, kayaking and paddle boarding at the resort are a great way to spend time.

There is something special and intimate about paddling on the water, just the two of you. It's a unique way to explore your surroundings and make memories.

Luckily, this all-inclusive resort in Alaska includes the use of kayaks and paddleboards for every guest.

❤︎ Go Berry Picking

Hand holding a small red berry between two fingers on a green shrub at Twin Islands Retreat.

There are several fruiting, edible shrubs on the property. Huckleberry and blueberry plants produce edible fruit during the summer months.

Ask Merri for a basket or a bag to gather berries. It's likely she'll create a cocktail or add them to your next meal after you've gathered what the land has provided.

I admit I picked a berry off a branch here or there as we walked by the plants during our stay. I couldn't resist the novelty of doing so during our limited time in Sitka. It's something that we can't do at home, and it was thrilling, even on a micro level.

❤︎ Enjoy a Candlelit Meal

Are you celebrating something special or just want to have a quiet, romantic dinner together one evening? TIR is happy to help make dinners extra special. They'll even cook fish you caught that day if you like, light the candles for you, and leave you two to enjoy the meal as a couple.

❤︎ Reconnect or Learn Something New About Each Other with a Chat Pack

Bring along a Chat Pack for Two and use the cards while you’re at TIR. We discovered these conversation-starting cards during a visit to a wine-tasting room when we were in South Carolina's Old 96 area. They sparked great conversation even years after being together.

Who doesn't love falling deeper in love with their partner over great conversation and wine? The inviting rooms at TIR, like the living room pictured below, are the perfect place to connect.

Living room area at Twin Island Retreat, an all-inclusive couples resort in Alaska.

So pick your favorite spot, grab the cards, and spoil yourselves by disconnecting from the world to reconnect as a couple. You'll surely remember your quality time together at this outstanding all-inclusive resort.

❤︎ Relish in the Surrounding Nature with the Warmth of a Firepit

Ourdoor fire pit and surrounding outdoor Adirondack chairs at Twin Islands Retreat in Sitka, Alaksa.

Waterfront Adirondack chairs are the perfect place to warm up by a fire at the firepit while enjoying the stunning island views together.

❤︎ Enjoy an Extra Sweet Stay with Twin Island Retreat's Romance Package

If you like, you have the option to add on a romance package during your stay. This includes a selection of local handmade chocolates in your room and bubbly to go along with it.

Rooms at Twin Islands Retreat

TIR has several rooms, accommodating up to 8 people in the style of a cross between a modern B&B and a boutique hotel. The main house has two rooms with two twin beds each. Each has its own bathroom. But there are also two rooms with queen beds that are perfect for vacationing couples.

The Perfect Rooms for Couples at This Alaska Retreat

A separate building steps away from the main house at TIR has two rooms: the Sitka Spruce and Blue Heron. Each has a queen-sized bed, two sitting chairs, and a bathroom with a standing shower. The two rooms are mirror images of one other, and each is ideal for a couple.

Man sitting on a chair in an all-inclusive resort in Alaska with a gorgeous waterfront view.

The view is absolutely spectacular from both of these rooms. There is no television, which is something we enjoy at a romantic resort. You simply look out the window as if it’s your own unique television screen streaming live views of the natural beauty. 

Twin Islands Retreat Included Premium Bath Products

The bath products that are available for guests to use in the rooms include high-quality Salt Air body lotion, shampoo, soap, and shower gel. Also in each room are cotton rounds, cotton swabs/Q-tips, razors, some feminine products, and toothbrushes in case you forget anything from home. 

The bathrobes in our rooms and water sandals were perfect for when we used the hot tub. Don’t forget to pack a swimsuit for your Alaska getaway! 

Extra Special Touches at Twin Islands Retreat 

We couldn’t help but appreciate so many special touches at Twin Islands Retreat. Upon arrival, a welcome packet with a handwritten note from our hosts was waiting in our room.

Lavender sachets were placed on our pillows, and fresh filtered water was by our beds. Each night we came back to turndown service with a piece of chocolate awaiting our return.

Because Alaska has many hours of daylight during the summer, even at night, we appreciated the eye masks in our room for use during our stay. They help black out the sunlight no matter the hour and are washed between guest visits.

We also loved how Merri was always awaiting our re-arrival to the island each day.

Meals at Twin Islands Retreat

Expect to have picture-perfect dining at TIR. You’ll enjoy meals at a meticulously set dining room table or the breakfast bar. Merri’s not only an exceptional host but a wonderful chef. 

Breakfast bar with fresh juices and several serving bowls at Twin Islands Retreat in Alaska.

Breakfast may consist of fresh bacon, eggs, and fresh fruit. One morning, we had delicious blueberry smoothies that Merri created from fresh cashew milk and Greek yogurt with fresh blueberry scones. The next morning, we had delicious sourdough toast topped with avocado and poached eggs. Dry-rubbed bacon with a hint of sugar to balance the flavors accompanied them.

Wifi at Twin Islands Retreat

There is Wi-Fi in the resort's main house, even though it is difficult to obtain on such an island. We liked this setup because we knew we could get online if needed to check emails and such in the main area, but we could also opt to put our phones on airplane mode elsewhere (like in our rooms) to focus on each other instead. Cell service works on the small island if you prefer to be connected. 

Winter at Twin Islands Retreat

In order to provide the best possible experience for guests, TIR does not host people during winter. Their guest-hosting season is spring into late summer, which is April through September.

Cost of Twin Island's Retreat

There is a two-night minimum at Twin Island's retreat. The cost is $1,500 per night, not including city taxes.

The nice thing about this all-inclusive couples resort in Alaska is how much is truly included, which means that you don't have to budget separately for meals and airport transportation, not to mention the slew of everything else that is included in your stay.

Additionally, couples looking for a romantic escape can rest assured that children will not spoil their adults-only getaway because kids are not permitted at the resort.

Booking Twin Islands Retreat in Sitka

If you'd like to book a stay at TIR or check availability, head to their contact page. You can call Merri directly or submit an inquiry online.

You can also book the whole island by renting out the resort to have it exclusively to yourselves. To do this, you pay for the four rooms, and it's yours.

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