How We Decided on an Affordable Central America Vacation in Belize

Our affordable Central America vacation in Belize came to be when when searching for a cheap summer getaway not too far from our east coast home in America.

I’m a full time wedding photographer and when two of my couples had to relocate their international weddings due to 1) Zika virus and 2) financial concerns, I panicked. (Thank you money and mosquitoes!) This meant I didn’t have any international travel on the calendar for the rest of the year, which immediately made me grab my laptop to research some options. Thailand was in reach but because of rainy seasons we decided to push it back a few months. “If we push Thailand back to December we still have to go away in August. I NEED IT.”

Before deciding on the “winner” destination we thought about Europe. But summer is the height of tourist season there and we weren’t prepared to pay peak prices for flights and hotels. We explored the idea of going to Nepal but decided to hold off on until years later, when a new hotel that interested us would be up and running. Sooo….where else should we consider going?

It was back to the drawing board where I began to search Google Flights for affordable destinations in August. Our flight search criteria was affordable destinations that didn’t require over twenty hours of air travel, including layovers. When Central America came on our radar it quickly became a choice of Belize, Panama or Costa Rica.

Sometimes Home travel blog Belize information including Cahal Pech Mayan Ruins images.

Why Belize? 

Sometimes Home travel blog Belize information including Table Rock resort. Night photography image with light capture.

Our first choices ended up being Costa Rica and Panama. I studied abroad in Costa Rica in 2005 but hadn’t been back since; the thought of going somewhere familiar and showing Dan a country that had such an impact on my life and my old stomping grounds (if only for a study abroad program) was appealing. Plus, in the midst of my busiest season in my profession, the thought of knowing a bit about the country first-hand equated to less stress in the planning process.

Yet I had already been there and I love exploring new territories together. We researched Panama and found it got mixed reviews amongst friends. We heard its main city, Panama City, was a little off-putting but some surrounding cities were beautiful. Meh; we weren’t intrigued. We sat down to assess our summer getaway and what we really wanted out of our trip.

Here is what we REALLY craved:

  • beaches
  • jungle
  • something architecturally historic

Sometimes Home travel blog Belize information including Table Rock resort. Double exposure of picking fruit at Table Rock Lodge.

Our decision

I did what any social person may do in this day and age when we couldn’t decide. I turned to Facebook to “poll the audience,” searching for an answer amongst friends. I posed the question: “Panama or Costs Rica?” Friends I trust, who run Travel The World, replied, “Belize.”

We briefly looked into it and we were convinced it was the trip for us.

Key Takeaways

Here’s some tips for determining the right destination for your vacation:

  • Know what kind of trip you’re looking for, whether filled with site seeing, adventure, food experiences, beaches, etc.
  • Have a range of dates in mind (and whether they’re flexible or inflexible)
  • Know your budget
  • Decide how much time you have to get there (this could be key to know given travel times can vary)
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We researched some more and found indeed, Belize was “the one” for us. It felt right and we booked it. It satisfied everything we desired, including short flights and an affordable cost.

We decided we would do one week there – four days in the jungle for some fun activities then head to the beach for three days for some real rest and relaxation.

Check out our itinerary and other Belize information below:

What is your craving for a summer vacation?

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