Does Bug Bite Thing Really Work for Mosquito Bite Relief?

You may have heard about The Bug Bite Thing from television or a recent ad. Or perhaps you're reading this after praying for mosquito bite relief after some nasty insects got to you, and you Googled how to make the itch stop.

When you want relief from pesky bug bites, you need a solution that works. So inevitably, your next question may be, “Does The Bug Bite Thing really work?”

If we can get any point across in our Bug Bite Thing review, it's that it is a life-changing tool that costs less than $10. So don't even think twice: buy one.

We go into the details of what it is, answer the question “Does it work?” in more depth, tell you about when it appeared on Shark Tank, share pros and cons of the non-invasive, reusable itch-relief tool, and answer FAQs. We even provide alternatives if you read the post and decide that the Bug Bite Thing isn't for you, but you need an alternative solution to stop the mosquito bite itch.

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Graphic with text and photo of black and pink Bug Bite Thing tools in their packaging in a gift box.

But Bite Thing Overview

The Bug Bite Thing is a small, lightweight medical-grade plastic tool that sucks the mosquito saliva, or bug venom, out of your skin, thus removing the itch. It's also great for bee stings.

One of these incredible mosquito bite suckers costs less than $10 and is a must-have product in your travel bag, your sports bag, your gardening toolbox, or to simply keep in your bathroom or medicine cabinet should you need to use it.

➡︎ Over 79,000 reviews on Amazon with ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ cannot be wrong. We use the Bug Bite Thing and agree it's awesome!

Does The Bug Bite Thing Really Work?

The million-dollar question is: does it work? It does, it does! 100% of the time, no. But, in our experience, it works 80% of the time. And that's pretty damn good.

So why not 100% of the time?

We've been using it for years. Here's our opinion of why it doesn't work sometimes:

1) You don't have the tool with you when you get a bite. That means that you cannot use it to relieve bug bite itch within the first minutes or hour after it happens, so it's less effective. We've used it a day or two later and have had success more often than not. But sometimes, we suspect if we could have used it as soon as a bite happened, it would have been more effective.

2) The itch from whatever bug bit you can't be remedied with mosquito bite treatment, no matter what the device, cream, or drug is. The itch from some bites just cannot be relieved…and we'll never know what bug caused it.

3) You may be using the tool incorrectly.

4) Everyone is different. Just like the sun affects different people differently, or some people are more “prone” to bug bits (AKA: bugs like to bite some people more than others) the Bug Bite Thing may not work for everyone. For $10 though, the relief it provides if it works outweighs the investment.

Buy it. Try it.

In our experience, between the two of us, it works most of the time, and there are so many pros to having one! (Or many, which we have.) It is a heck of a lot better than taking an allergy pill or having to carry around bug bite relief ointment that may or may not work..and melts.

Hand holding a pink Bug Bite Thing tool.

What Exactly is the Bug Bite Thing?

It's a simple plastic tool that has three parts: the main barrel, the lever or handles that you pull to suck the bug's saliva or venom – the “itch” – out of your skin, and a plastic piece on the bottom that you can flip from big to small.

The bottom piece has a small circle on one side for bug bites in a spot with less surface area, like your finger or between fingers. The other side has a bigger suction circle for bites on your arms, feet, back, or legs.

It's a low-cost tool that provides a ton of relief when used effectively.

For Me, It's Been a Life-Changing Mosquito Bite Relief Tool

It truly improved my quality of life. I used to have to take Zyrtec allergy pills for bug bites. I'm allergic to them, and nothing – including any anti-itch cream – would get rid of the itch. They'd often blow up in diameter within minutes or hours after getting bitten.

But Bug Bite Thing changed my life for the better and got rid of the need for over-the-counter medication to remedy mosquito bites. I'm not the only one who thinks so. Besides all the online reviews praising the tool, there's a quote on the wall of Bug Bite Thing headquarters we saw when we were there:

How Does The Bug Bite Thing Work for Mosquito Bite Relief?

The tool removes the irritant from your skin that results from bug bites and bee or wasp stings. You can also use it to bring splinters to the surface of your skin.

It's a very simple tool to use.

Do Not Fall for Imposter Mosquito Bite Relief Tools

➔ DO NOT BUY A COMPETITOR'S TOOL! My mother accidentally bought a brand that was not the original but looked like it after Dan and I recommended The Bug Bite Thing. (It was “EZ Bite.”)

I happened to be at her house and tried it after getting a bug bite where they live in Florida. It didn't work.

Luckily, we gifted her a REAL Bug Bite Thing shortly thereafter.

The point is, get the real tool. Don't be lured by saving $2 on a copycat tool when the real one is the true device that works.

Steps for How to Use The Bug Bite Thing

So how do you remove the irritant from your skin using The Bug Bite Thing after a bug bite shows up?

The steps are as follows:

  1. Grab the tool and push the handles/lever down before you put it on your skin.
  2. Place the bottom tip on your skin, ensuring it covers the bite and is completely on your body. If there's air or a gap between your skin and the bottom of the tool, it won't work.
  3. While pressing down on the tool, pull the lever up with the tool between your index and middle finger. Hold it there for 10-20 seconds. Sometimes if the bite is really big or bad, we hold it for 30 seconds.
  4. Move the handles back down to release the tool from your skin.
  5. Voila! The itch should be gone.
  6. Remove the bottom part of the tool that was just on your skin, and wash it with soap and water. Let it dry or dry it with a towel before you put it back on the cylindrical part of The Bug Bite Thing.
❇️ 🎥 See it in action: Watch Dan use The Bug Bite Thing 🦟 🌿

How to Use The Bug Bite Thing If You Have a Bee Sting

It's similar to how you use it for a bug bite, but to start, do the following:

Use the tapered end of one of the handles – the “scraper” – to flick the stinger off your skin. Then immediately use the suction tool on that spot to draw the rest of the bee's irritant out, following from step 1 above.

Bug Bite Thing Use Tips

We have a few tips for you from years of using the Bug Bite Thing:

  • If it doesn't seem to remove the itch the first time, do it again immediately after.
  • While you're holding the tool, as you're suctioning your skin for 10-30 seconds, wiggle the tool in a circular motion to increase the chance of it getting the venom or mosquito saliva out.

We also recommend that you don't use it on your face or neck because it could leave a red mark.

The mark goes away, but a red or dark mark (depending on your skin tone) on your arm isn't the same as one on your neck that could look like a hickey! Also, know that the longer you suction your skin while using it, the more prominent the mark may be. But it should go away within minutes.

Pros and Cons of The Bug Bite Thing

  • Low cost
  • Reusable
  • Drug-free
  • Lightweight and small – easy to carry around
  • Non-invasive
  • The tool gets rid of the itch permanently when it works. It's not a temporary relief like a topical itch-relief ointment.
  • Not recommended for use on the face or neck
  • Doesn't work 100% of the time

Must-have item for your vacation:

This item is a MUST pack when we travel, especially to a tropical location like the Caribbean in the Bahamas or St. Lucia or somewhere in the United States by water, like Charleston.

It is the only thing we have tried that gets rid of bug bite itch instead of masking it. We always pack The Bug Bite Thing in our backpack/day bag and another in our luggage. Don't travel without it!

Here are some more standout things about Bug Bite Thing mentioned on their website's medical advisory page:

  • First Aid Suction Tool
  • Doctor Recommended
  • FDA Registered
  • Chemical-free
  • Medical-grade Plastic
  • Class 1 Medical Device
  • FSA Eligible
  • Kid Friendly (not recommended for toddlers because of its removable piece)

Bug Bite Thing FAQs

Why is the Bug Bite Thing better than itch-relief ointment or gel?

A few reasons. The number one reason for us is that it gets rid of the itch permanently, while you have to keep applying gel or ointment until the bug bite saliva/venom works its way out of your body.

Another reason is that the tool doesn't melt in your car or with the heat of the sun; ointment melts. Ointment or gel also expires. As long as you have The Bug Bite Thing and take proper care of it, it will work forever.

I suctioned my bug bite and didn't see liquid come out. How do I know if The Bug Bite Thing worked?

You know it worked if you begin to feel itch relief, which will be nearly immediate. The venom or saliva is pretty much invisible.

Despite the bug juice's invisibility, be sure to take the tip off the device and clean it after use, following the guidelines mentioned in this post.

Does The Bug Bite Thing work for spider bites?

Yes, it does.

Does the tool work for ant bites, flea bites, and the sort?

Yes, it does. There's really no harm in trying the tool on any sort of insect bite. If it doesn't work and you already own the tool, you've only wasted a few seconds trying.

Can you use the tool for a snake bite?

If you have a snake bite, go to the hospital. The Bug Bite thing is mostly for bugs but usually works to help with wood splinters too.

Does The Bug Bite Thing hurt?

It does not hurt. If it hurts, you're doing something incorrectly.

If you feel pain, release the tool from your skin and try doing it again but more gently.

To do this, start with the handles halfway down the barrel. Then gently pull up to suck out the saliva or venom from that point, which should provide less suction than if you were to start with the tool all the way down the barrel towards the bottom of the device.

Alternatively, you can start lifting the handles from the bottom of the barrel and only lift halfway.

Does the plastic melt?

No. We have one in our car, and it's been in the glove box in the Florida heat for months on end, and the tool is fine. This is definitely a bonus over other bug-bite remedies like itch-relief ointment, gels, and creams, which have an expiration date and can melt.

How many times can you use one Bug Bite Thing?

Unlimited! As long as it's still suctioning, it doesn't expire. Keep the barrel of the device dry to keep your Bug Bite Thing in tip-top shape. If you get the barrel wet, it may lose suction.

To ensure it's dry, don't take it in or near water. While you can have wet skin when using the device, don't use it in a pool or bathtub, for example.

When you wash the bottom part, make sure that you remove it from the rest of the device before washing it and that it dries before you place it back on the Bug Bite Thing.

Does The Bug Bite Thing leave a mark?

It can leave a temporary mark. We've had it leave a mark sometimes and not other times. It depends on:

  • Where you're using the tool (like more sensitive skin areas like your chest, perhaps, versus more tough-skin areas, like your legs)
  • How long you're sucking the bug bite.
  • If you started the suction from halfway down the barrel of the tool or all the way down. (All the way down = more suction; halfway = less suction. Though it's recommended to do the full suction if it's not affecting your skin, which is what we do.)

Is it safe to use on kids?

Yes. The device contains nothing harmful, including no chemicals. But use the same rules for kids as for adults, and don't use the tool on your face or neck.

Is the tool invasive, or does it pierce your skin?

No, not at all. It's surface-level and only sucks your skin, thus sucking the irritant out of your body.

Can you share the tool with another person?

Ehh…you can. But we don't necessarily recommend it. Dan and I each have our own, and we've gifted several to family and friends. But we admit to sharing it when we're out and about, and he needs one, and I have it in my purse. So we simply wash it after.

If you're sharing the device, be sure to wash the tip with soap and water and dry it between uses.

Can you put the Bug Bite Thing in a dishwasher?

No. Don't do that. Hand wash the tip only to ensure longevity. It takes 5 seconds to wash it.

Does it work without the end piece?

If you lose the end piece, which is purposely reversible and removable, the device will not work. They do not sell new parts for the low-cost device, so if you lose the piece, simply buy a new Bug Bite Thing.

Bug Bite Thing on Shark Tank

If you're a fan of the hit entrepreneur and inventor show “Shark Tank,” you may be wondering if you saw this product on the show. The answer is yes! Their Shark Tank appearance was in 2019.

Kelly Higney – the CEO and Founder of the company – and Ellen (Ellie) McAlister – her mother, who serves as the company's president – presented to the sharks.

Kelly and Ellie's started by saying, “Our product SUCKS!” which got a big laugh from all the sharks.

Ultimately, they agreed to a deal with Lori for a $150,000 investment and a 10% stake in the company, exactly what Kelly and Ellie asked for. Since then, Bug Bite Thing has become one of the show's most successful companies.

Why? Because the tool WORKS and truly changes lives!

Bug Bite Thing Reviews

We're not the only ones who love Bug Bite Things. THOUSANDS of people have reviewed it on Amazon and agree. Here are two of countless positive reviews…

Bug Bite Thing Reviews
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

Okay, we were skeptical, but…it WORKS! We live in the Southwest of the US, and we were getting bit by every spider known to man as we cleared brush in an over-grown lot.

My husband has large sores/scars on his legs from previous bites. So, I bought this, and used it on me, to test it. FOUR large bites, burning away, large bumps almost the size of a dime…we used the tool as instructed on the back of the package. The burning went away almost immediately. The lumps stayed, but their healing/shrinking time was greatly reduced.

Thank you so much for making our lives so much better. No more nights wrapped in calamine, Benedryl, and bandages.
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

I’m allergic to mosquitos. I don’t end up in the hospital, but a bite will end up being about five or six inches in diameter. Plus I attract mosquitos like a big bag of blood. I can be outside with friends in the summer and get 40 mosquito bites on my hands while otherwise fully clothed, and my friends in shorts and tank tops will get zero bites.

This tool is SO easy to use and my bug bites don’t get swollen and go away so much faster. My summers have forever been changed...

I bought them for my family and friends who have bug bite issues, and they are similarly impressed. My brother just thanked me on behalf of his entire family for changing their lives by giving them this.

Bug Bite Thing Mosquito Bite Relief Design and Colors

The tool is small, lightweight, and has a hole on one side. The “T” lever, or handles, where you pull to suction the bite, is tapered on either end if you need to use it to scrape your skin to get an insect's stinger out and don't have tweezers handy.

The hole is there if you want to add your Bug Bite Thing to a carabiner or a keychain for easy carrying.

The Bug Bite Thing also comes in several colors, which is just for looks. It is currently available in white, black, pink, green, aqua blue, lavender, and nightfall (which is like a midnight blue color).

Bug Bite Thing itch relief for mosquito bites and bug repellent solutions, against a colorful handbug that says "I need a vacation". An oversized leather bee is on the left.

Multiple Color Options

We have the device in black, white, and pink. But we love one of the newest colors, which is aqua blue! They named the color “Seaglass.”

Check it out >

Bottom Tip Double-Sided Options

The bottom of the tool can be taken off the cylinder or barrel and flipped around. The piece is also removable so you can clean it after use with soap and water.

When you suction your skin to remove the itch, you need the circle of the Bug Bite Thing to cover the entire area of skin, with a surface to adhere to.

With that in mind, you can use the bigger side to suck bug bites on your arms and legs. Use the small end if you have a bug bite on your fingers or toes.

The image below shows the device's two ends, which are reversible.

Who should own a Bug Bite Thing?


If you know anyone who suffers from bug bites (which is just about every human), they should own one. Getting relief from mosquito bites is priceless when you're suffering from their maddening itch. This tool knocks the itch out in record time.

You should gift one to family and friends! We certainly have.

Here are some gift ideas for the Bug Bite Thing:

  • Give it to a friend who is going on a trip, especially if he or she is traveling to warm weather areas. (Like to tour Miami or on a cruise!)
  • Have a friend who loves the beach or lake areas, like the Great Lakes? Gift several to them!
  • Know someone going on a cruise to a warm-weather location, like the Caribbean? Get them a Bug Bite Thing.
  • Do you know kids who are going to summer camp? They DEFINITELY need this.

And buy yourself multiples too. Don't just gift one – buy several colors and keep them in multiple locations. We have one in our car, in several handbags and at home. There is always one in our luggage too.

We simply NEVER want to be without one. This is why we recommend gifting more than one to people or buying multiple for yourself. The good news is, they come in a three-pack online for a reduced price than if you were to buy three separately.

📦 If you're not already a member of Amazon Prime, we highly recommend it! Here's a link for a FREE 30-day Amazon Prime trial, where you can enjoy free shipping, free Kindle books, special discounts on products, and more.

Where is the Bug Bite Thing headquartered?

The company's offices and packing facility are in Port St. Lucie, Florida, on the east coast of the Sunshine State. It's just north of the Palm Beaches and Fort Lauderdale.

We loved visiting the Bug Bite Thing HQ, where we saw their wall of the tool's evolution (pictured below) and met their “mosquito mascot”!

Alternative Mosquito Bite Relief Solutions

If you've read our post and are not convinced this is the tool for you, or you've simply decided another bug bite itch relief solution is the way to go, here are some topical ointments and another tool to try:

Mosquito Bite Itch-relief alternatives

Benedryl Gel

The topical gel provides temporary relief. Benadryl Extra-Strength Anti-Itch Gel contains 2% topical analgesic pain reliever diphenhydramine hydrochloride.

After Bite Xtra

After Bite Xtra gel formula with antihistamine comes in a small, slender tube that will fit nicely in your purse or backpack.

Beurer BR60 Bug Bite Healer

Zap away the itch with this electronic tool that weighs less than 4 ounces. It uses heat to get rid of bug bite itch, including from mosquitos and bees. The device has an on/off switch and requires batteries.

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