8 Influential Couple Travel Bloggers to Follow and Get Inspired By

Dan and I are a husband and wife travel blogging team, who are a part of a wonderful world of couple travel bloggers.

There are SO MANY couples who travel around the globe – near and far to where they live – every day, every week, month, and year. We're so proud to be a part of the traveling couples community.

And, furthermore, we are proud to be a part of a small percentage of those couples who LOVE to share their travel knowledge with the world through their travel blogs and associated social media accounts.

We know there are so many more inspirational travel-blogging couples than what we've posted here. But hopefully, it inspires you to keep your eyes open for more that are out there!

We've chosen to list bloggers we know well on some level, for having followed them for a while and/or having met them in person. Many are people we consider friends! While we know there are dozens more travel blogging couples to adore and follow, we've stuck to this criteria.

We also know a bunch of travel bloggers we love who write about family travel, but – y'all: it's a couples travel blog post. So we're not mentioning the family bloggers here, even though we love 'em!

Disclosure: There are affiliate links in this post, which means we may earn a small commission if you click the link and proceed with a purchase, at no cost to you. We truly only recommend hotels, products, and services we personally use. As Amazon Associates, we earn from qualifying purchases.

HoneyTrek, Anne and Mike

Anne and Mike aren't just amazing travel bloggers who inspire us to go to locations we wouldn't have thought of in ways we wouldn't have thought of. (Aka: a camper!) But they're INCREDIBLY warm, welcoming, and friendly people in the travel community.

Couple sitting on a rock with blue water and landscaping behind them.

Their books, Ultimate Journeys for Two and Comfortably Wild, are the kind you need to buy printed copies of to have on your shelf or coffee table. (We should know – we have them!) This way, when you're sitting on the couch and watching tv thinking, “Man, I need to get off my ass and explore,” they're just an arm's length away to grab for inspiration.

Anne and Mike don't participate in any “holier than thou” stuff even though their travel resumes, so to speak, would certainly allow them a few bragging rights.

It's extra nice they're so down-to-Earth because they're a little bit famous too! Proof: Go behind the scenes of their NATIONAL (yes, national!) Microsoft commercial. NBD. (Riiiggghttttt…..)

They're inspiring and RELATABLE.

Bobo and Chichi, Megan and Scott

We were in awe of Megan and Scott's technical skills, writing and ability to connect with others from the first time we met the couple known as “Bobo and Chichi” on the interwebs. And then we met them in person and it was magic!

We adore them and whether we're talking on Facebook, or meeting up during non-pandemic-times in NYC, they're always at the top of our list for who we want to see and keep in touch with.

Couple sitting cross-legged on a bed in dark red bathrobes in a woodsy-feeling, darkly lit room.

Their sense of humor? Resonate with us. Their kid-free, city-dwelling lifestyle? Also resonates. Their quirkiness? Resonates with us.

After Megan and Scott met in California and started dating, they moved to South Korea to pursue a dream of living abroad. (We had no idea Korea has so many love holidays until they educated us!) And they've been helping destinations and brands communicate their stories ever since in the most awe-inspiring ways.

They started a niche site during the pandemic, like us. (Their NYC site, Your Brooklyn Guide, is to our cruise niche site, Sometimes Sailing). And they are always inspiring us to think outside the box, whether they know it or not.

Their video quality is sick. And I don't use that 90s term lightly.

If you haven't seen their Instagram videos and photography (@boboandchichi) you're missing out.

Justin Plus Lauren, Lauren and Justin (of course)

This Canadian couple is as sweet as sugar (um, hello – they're Canadian!) and they write about vegan travel as well. The title of their blog literally says Adventure + Kind travel. But not just to humans….to the Earth and its environment as well. (Save the planet!)

Couple in the foreground to the right of the image with a waterfall and rainbow in the background.

We know their blog is providing valuable inspiration to couples traveling as vegans and to everyone who wants to be a more eco-conscious traveler. And we don't know a lot of people who love the Earth who don't want to be kinder to it.

We love warm weather but their post about visiting Niagara Falls during winter had us wanderlusting for a winter trip north to Buffalo…and across the border to the Canadian side of the falls.

Lauren is also ever-inspiring with her niche site, Ontario Hiking. It's quickly become a leading authority to help people safely hike this Canadian province.

Wanderlust Marriage, Bell and Alex

Not only does this couple travel the world together, but they met while they were traveling. (At a hostel in Bruges, Belgium, to be precise.) How's that for a surefire way to know if the person you're meeting is cool with international travel or not?

Couple in front of a plateau and blue sky.

Bell is Australian and Alex is American. If they're not traveling the world they can be found on the east coast of the USA planning their next adventure. While I always want to be with Dan the truth is that we travel separately once in a while, as do Alex and Bell. It's 100% healthy for a couple and their intriguing “Does solo travel in marriage make you a bad spouse?” article reminds us of this.

They've helped us grow as fellow couple travel bloggers in so many ways. We meet up with them whenever we can, whether it was in Amsterdam when our schedules overlapped during travels in 2019, or at TBEX (a travel conference), or online in the same travel forums.

We adore them and they're always inspiring us.

Coleman Concierge, Jenn and Ed

Sometimes the things that most inspire us are the things we wouldn't really do ourselves. Like planning a trip solely based on where we can mountain bike. Or cycle through a city's trails. And that's just one reason Jenn and Ed Coleman inspire us.

Three colorful homes with a balcony, and a couple walking in the center.

Though Dan and I aren't divers, their Scuba diving blog posts often have us wondering if we should throw on an oxygen tank and dip below the surface on our next coastal vacation. (Don't worry, we know it's not that simple to learn how to Scuba dive.)

They're our couple travel blogger friends who have transplanted to the south on more than one move or occasion, like us, and who we can joyfully discuss the everyday minutiae of blogging with us too.

They do quite a bit of freelance writing as well, like when Ed shared how strategically saving money from his full-time job allows them to travel the world, on Insider. Or Jenn shared expert tips to instantly improve your ski game on Explore magazine's site.

Once Upon a Journey, Roxanne and Maartje

This Dutch lesbian couple inspires us whenever we open Instagram.

They're the best couple travel bloggers on Instagram in our eyes (@onceuponajourney), if you define that as a traveling pair who is always posting inspiring content with both partners in the photos. They really rock it. Seriously.

Couple travel bloggers, females side-by-side, one in yellow with pink hair and the other in a pink t-shirt with blond hair.

Warning: they're adorable and so in love! It's really too cute. And their photography is colorful and exceptional, to boot, which we love.

Check out the cool photography on their post about visiting a Bubble Hotel in Iceland together. And explore their entire Instagram feed while you're at it. You'll quickly go down a rabbit hole exploring weeks and years of their content.

Did we mention they're in The Netherlands? (We're Netherlands obsessed!)

Hey! Dip Your Toes In, Eulanda and Omo

Eulanda and Omo have inspired us for years. We somehow came across this London-based couple very early on in our couple travel blogging journey (which isn't hard to believe – they're everywhere on social media and in the travel blogging world) and they've been a steadfast inspiration ever since.

Couple inside a clear bubble with rain on it. They're holding two glasses of orange juice.

They live in the UK, though she's from the US and he's from Lagos. One day, Dan and I hope to live in Europe for a while too!

They are leaders in the travel industry, speaking at conferences, doing freelance writing and inspiring us with the great content on their blog. Not to mention, they look so cool in their photos! (They say they're an everyday kind of couple on their about page, which we agree with from everything we know about them and have learned over the years. But every photo they take still looks like it's ready for a magazine!)

If we ever meet in person (which will happen one day) I know we'll bond over a shared love of food and trying new cuisines. I'm sure Eulanda and I will gush over a love of southern favorites, like shrimp ‘n grits, how fabulous Shonda Rhimes's book was, and relating to their Year of Yes, and be lifelong friends. 🙂

Sometimes Home, Mikkel and Dan

We can't write about couple travel bloggers and not include ourselves! Is that cool with you? Hopefully!

We truly hope to inspire you to travel as a couple and bring you refreshing ideas about where we go and how we do it. Whether that's sharing information about a fantastic town you've probably never heard of or a culinary experience that knocked our socks off. Or about date ideas you can do at home.

Because you are why we love to write about travel. The promise of people finding our content and booking a trip because of it – or even starting to actualize a dream because of it – means so much to us. It's why we do what we do.

Couple travel bloggers, a female and male, standing in front of Niagara Falls during summer.
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  1. What an inspiring bunch! We’re so honored to be on this list and you were too kind with your write-up (blush!) We’re also are so thankful for this lovely couples travel community, and so happy to have met you two! Plus, this post has given us a few new awesome pairs to follow and hopefully meet! Thank you!

  2. Thanks so much for including us among these wonderful travel blogging couples that continue to inspire us! It’s an honor to be included on this list!

    Thanks for taking the time to put this great article together! It’s been great catching up over the years at conferences, press trips and yes, randomly crossing paths in Amsterdam in summer 2019!

    Happy travels everyone! ?

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